New Mego Museum Podcast: The 2011 Kubby Awards Nominations

Sorry for the delay department:  Come listen to the latest MegoMuseum Podcast: Brian and Scott review the nominees for the 2011 Kubby Awards for excellence in ReMego toys. In the coming weeks we’ll be back with more podcasts that will not only speak to ReMego but vintage Mego collecting and Custom figures as well.

Having trouble? Download the podcast in mp3 format.

And after you listen why not take the time to vote for your favourite in ReMego releases this year by filling out the 2011 Kubby Awards Survey and tell us what you liked best! The Kubby awards are named after Museum pal and former Mego VP of R&D the late Neal Kublan.

The Results will be published the first week of January.

Call in and tell us what you think! Call in and talk about the figures you voted for (or didn’t vote for), whatever you want to say. We’ll do a results show podcast announcing the winners and include as many of your voice mails as we can.

The phone number is 213-444-MEGO (213-444-6346) We’ll take calls until Saturday Noon PST.