The Front of the box features the same  beautiful artwork that was featured on much of the 1976 released Mego Star Trek items

The Mego Tricorder is an honest to goodness working Tape Recorder, cleverly disguised as Mr Spock's favourite tool. The Tricorder was invented by John McNett who at the time was working for the Reiner Creative Group. McNett would later join the Mego team.

The tape is 30 minutes of "The Menagerie" and on the other side, space sounds. It's been years since I listened to this but harkens back to a time when you'd "tape" your favorite shows in audio only.

A working tape recorder that's rarely found working1976 Mego trade advertising for Star Trek Role Play items


Mego Batman version of the Tricorder

Mego Attempted to sell a Batman version of the Tricorder in 1977, however it is unknown if they were produced

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