Super Powers Wave 3 Pre-Order is Live!


Get ready to power up your DC Comics figure collection! Figures Toy Company’s third series of SUPER POWERS figures is on the way, and the popular toy maker will be adding four new faces to their huge assortment of retro figures!

Just who are the four DC Universe favorites that will be part of Super Powers Series 3? None other than THE FLASH with red gloves, GREEN LANTERN, MARTIAN MANHUNTER, and PLASTIC MAN! This new Super Powers series marks the first time these characters have been part of any Figures Toy Company line. Keeping up with the tradition of previous retro figure releases, each character will have a highly detailed cloth costume, and the head sculpts designed by Danny “The Farrow” Anniello will make these figures look as if they’ve leapt off the pages of their comic books and into your hands!

Estimated arrival for these figures is February 2016, but you can preorder them now! Head over to to get your order in early for what will no doubt be one of the most popular sets of 2016! While you’re there, check out the huge selection of fantastic figures, including the new limited edition “Christmas With The Superheroes” 2 packs! Follow Figures Toy Company on social media for daily updates, order information, product reveals and more! If that’s not enough, exclusive information can be found every Friday by using the hashtag #MMFTCNEWS!

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