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Mego Wave 18 Superheroes plus contest (Mint Off Card)

Mego Wave 18 Superheroes

Mego Museum’s Mint Off Card unboxes a couple of the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes figures from Wave 18, and we’re having a special contest for a free Wave 18 figure. Special Thanks to AbsolutelyRetro.com for the prize donation. Order Early and get an Infl8able Monster at no extra charge (while supplies last.)  Order Issue 12…


Mego Museum Look at Figures Toy Company Super Friends Green Lanter. Mego

Ready to go back to the Golden Age of comics today? Or would you rather relive your Saturday mornings as a kid? Figures Toy Company has released not one, but two sneak peek prototype images of upcoming DC Comics figures that are throwbacks to those beloved eras! First, fans will be scratching and clawing to…