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Toy-Ventures: The Saga of Tonka’s STEEL MONSTERS

The Saga of Tonka's STEEL MONSTERS

In honour of the release of Furiosa, Toy-Ventures looks at the most excellent 1980s Post-Apocalyptic Toy Line: Tonka’s Steel Monsters. It was all things “Mad Max” except for the name. How did such a gorgeous toy line fail? What didn’t get made? We get the scoop from the creators. #toyventures #tonka #MadMax  Get Issue 12 of Toy-Ventures shipping…

Mego Love Boat Playset (Vintage Mego)

Mego Love Boat Playset (Vintage Mego)

Vintage Mego is exciting and new. Climb aboard the Mego Love Boat Playset; we’re expecting you! Hear about the adventures I’ve had while bringing this episode to you. This special episode comes from a smoke-free home! Love Boat, Mego, Mego Toys, MegoMuseum, Plaidstallions, Charo, Gopher, Doc, Captain Stubing, Julie, The Love Boat Playset, Love Boat…

Vintage Mego: Marvel Shuttles

This week we talk about the strange Mego Pocket Superheroes vehicles that began appearing in Toys R Us Stores in the early 1980s. Check out the Mego Pocket Superhero Galleries here. https://www.megomuseum.com/galleries/pocket-heroes/ This video was created by Brain Heiler (@plaidstallions) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwYta3nz_7FAzPvP8FPSgpg?view_as=subscriber Our facebook group is MegoMania: https://www.facebook.com/groups/megomania/