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Mint Off Card: Dracula VS Frankenstein by Monster General Store (Mego Museum)

Dracula Vs Frankenstein

Mint Off Card looks at a new contender, Monster General Store and their release of the officially licensed 8″ figures based on the film “Dracula VS Frankenstein.” A drive-in classic from Al Adamson and Sam Sherman! Also, check out Dr. Durant’s take on these figures: https://youtu.be/zUTDs-xY_qA?si=7CK7L… #mego #megomuseum #dracula #frankenstein #independantinternational

UP CLOSE: Daredevil by Diamond Select Toys

DareDevil by Diamond Select Toys photo review by Mego Museum

DareDevil was another Marvel favorite that despite being created in the silver age, never got the 8 inch Mego treatment in the 1970s. To be fair, the character hadn’t quite had the media exposure that superheroic peers like the Hulk and Thor had at that point. Mego heads for the last 30 years or so,…

Aw Yeah Mego Meet 2016 Show Guide

With this year’s Mego event being just two weeks away, we thought it might be prudent to provide this handy show guides to newbies (welcome by the way, glad to have you) and as a refresher for our ” Mego Meet Veterans”. So here is some informations and “Frequently Asked Questions” Where is it? DoubleTree…