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Weird Superhero Merchandise Panel from Toronto Comic Con

Weird Superhero Merchandise!

Weird Superhero Merchandise Panel from Toronto Comic Con PlaidStallions Toy-Ventures hosted it’s first Comic-Con panel this year with a look at the weirdest merchandise we could find for Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman and especially the Hulk! Co-Hosted by Sam Noir (@heysamnoir) with a live draw by children’s book illustrator, Danesh Mohiuddin (@daneshmo) Toy-Ventures is our…

Toy-Ventures: Massive Star Wars Kenner Haul!

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Toy-Ventures returns with a dream find of vintage toys. We were recently asked to look at a childhood toy collection that nobody wanted. What we found was a treasure trove of Kenner Star Wars, Fisher Price Adventure People, Mego Buck Rogers, and so much more! Watch Toy-Ventures on YouTube here