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The Mego Oompa Loompas are coming this quarter!

Oompa Loompa from Mego

Fresh from the Wonka Chocolate Factory!“The suspense is terrible… I hope it’ll last.” The greatest minds at the Wonka Chocolate Factory have partnered with Mego Corp to finally bringthis fan favorite to all of you!  Now you can build out your Willy Wonka collection with this screen-accurate 1/9 th scaled Mego Oompa Loompa!  The Oompa…

Mint Off Card: Dracula VS Frankenstein by Monster General Store (Mego Museum)

Dracula Vs Frankenstein

Mint Off Card looks at a new contender, Monster General Store and their release of the officially licensed 8″ figures based on the film “Dracula VS Frankenstein.” A drive-in classic from Al Adamson and Sam Sherman! Also, check out Dr. Durant’s take on these figures: https://youtu.be/zUTDs-xY_qA?si=7CK7L… #mego #megomuseum #dracula #frankenstein #independantinternational

Mego World’s Greatest Super-Heroes 50th Anniversary Red Tornado Box Artwork

The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes 50th Anniversary Red Tornado Box Artwork With the power of cyclone-force winds, Mego is bringing fan favorite, Red Tornado, to the 50th Anniversary World’s Greatest Super-Hero collection! The Red Tornado was created by supervillain Dr. Morrow to defeat the Justice League. Red Tornado “contemplated the nature of good and evil and…

New Mego Star Trek Talosian Images

Talosian Mego Star Trek

As we found out yesterday, Mego’s next wave will include two new, highly anticipated Aliens from Star Trek the Original Series. The Talosian and the Andorian both saw release by Mego in the 1970s but these new releases are intended to be more screen accurate. Thanks to Frank at Absolutely Retro we have some nice…

Mego Alice Cooper Action Figure Review (Mint Off Card)

Mego Alice Cooper Review

Mego Museum Mint Off Card returns, and this time we’ve got an actual Mego Figure! This week we look at the newest action figure of rock legend Alice Cooper. Something I’ve wanted since I was 8; how does he stack up? Decide for yourself. What other rock stars do you want from Mego? Thanks to…

Mego Reveals the Creepshow Creep

Mego Creepshow Creep

The Creep from Creepshow! Mego Corp presents the next entry into the jolting tales of horror known as Creepshow!  This frightful time around the Creep himself is making his horrific debut! Mego Corp unlocks the vaults of terror with this fan-favorite character from the ghoulishly great Creepshow! “Creepshow is still the most fun you’ll ever…

New Mego 2023 figures – Rick and Morty – Star Trek- WGSH

Mego 2023 Figure update

Mego 2023 Figure Line Up Revealed.A new solicitation list from Mego distributor License to Play has been released, including some figures even we at the Museum were surprised to see. While these lists have been incorrect in the past and should likely be taken with a grain of salt, some of these figures have been…