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Vintage Mego: 1980 Mego Spring Catalog

  Vintage Mego this week looks at one of the rarer catalogs to come from Mego, the 1980 Spring supplement which features toylines they thought would be the highlights of 1980 including the Micronauts, BGlack Hole, Star Trek the Motion Picture, Fashion Candy, Web Spinning Spider-Man and Elastic Plastic Man among others.   GET Issue…

Vintage Mego: Childhood Megos!

Total departure this week, I want to share the Mego figures I had as a kid that somehow survived childhood! I’ve shown you what I still have, now show me yours, you can hit me up in the following places: The Mego Museum Forums: www.megomuseum.com/community Mego Mania on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/megomania/ Mego Ambassadors Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/201580127134713/

Mint Off Card: The Black Hole by Diamond Select Toys

    This week’s installment of “Mint Off Card” we take a look at the figures based on the movie “The Black Hole” by Diamond Select Toys. Mego famously covered this line in 1980 and I’m excited to finally see a new range of figures. Come explore the unknown with me!   You can buy…