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Mego Knock-Offs: Lincoln International Cowboy

Lincoln International Thrill Seekers

This fellow arrived last week; it was an eBay auction spotted by my friend Rob Turner. Not only is he the product of Lincoln International (my favourite producer of Mego Knock-Offs), but he’s also a total mystery! He’s the exact figure Lincoln produced under the “Thrill Seekers” name, a Mego Action Jackson KO. However, there…

Mint Off Card: Dracula VS Frankenstein by Monster General Store (Mego Museum)

Dracula Vs Frankenstein

Mint Off Card looks at a new contender, Monster General Store and their release of the officially licensed 8″ figures based on the film “Dracula VS Frankenstein.” A drive-in classic from Al Adamson and Sam Sherman! Also, check out Dr. Durant’s take on these figures: https://youtu.be/zUTDs-xY_qA?si=7CK7L… #mego #megomuseum #dracula #frankenstein #independantinternational