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Mego Batcave Playset (Vintage Mego)

Vintage Mego Batcave episode

New to the channel? Subscribe! ►https://bit.ly/3D3zxJK Vintage Mego looks at the iconic World’s Greatest Superheroes item, the Batcave playset. We talk about why it was made, the connection to the 1966 television series, and it’s legacy. To the Batpoles! #mego #megomuseum #batman


It’s not every day you see a new vintage Mego item, let alone a Mego Superhero item that you thought didn’t exist but today, we’ve got that going on. In 1977, Mego’s second year of the Comic Action Heroes, they began to solicit the Comic Activator, the catalyst item used in all the playsets save…

Vintage Mego: Planet of the Apes Village

Vintage Mego looks at another classic Mego Play Set, this time it’s the Planet of the Apes Village from 1974. This episode is filmed in glorious BackYard-O-Vision! Get Toy-Ventures Magazine here: https://www.megomuseum.com/odeon/store/products/ Mego Museum Forums: https://megomuseum.com/community/activity.php   GET Issue 3 of Toy-Ventures here!   Subscribe to the MegoMuseum Newsletter here MegoMuseum Links: MegoMuseum Forums   …

Vintage Mego: CB McHaul

10-4 Good Buddy! Vintage Mego discusses the CB McHaul toy line from 1977, a series of action figures not based on Superheroes or Science Fiction but on Burt Reynolds movies and your dad’s hobby. It even taught you a secret language known as trucker talk! We talk about the 70s CB radio craze, the line’s…