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Mego Gallery Upgrade: Joker US Cards

Collecting Mego Joker Figures is no laughing matter and we’re proud to announce that the MegoMuseum Joker Gallery now includes beautiful photos of all of the Clown Prince of Crime’s US cards from every wave.   Please Visit the MegoMuseum Joker Gallery here.   Shop for Mego on Ebay and each click supports us a…

Super Friends Wave 3 now up for Pre order!

Figures Toy Company has created more Super Friends for you to have fun with, and they’re being joined by two of their most famous foes!  Available to preorder now is Super Friends Series 3, which features the first two characters from the diabolical Legion of Doom! Series 3 features four new figures created in the…

The Official World’s Greatest Super-Heroes

This very rare leaflet from Canadian Mego distributor Parkdale Novelty just recently surfaced, showcasing the wonderful different 1975 assortments of World’s Greatest Superheroes. The true beauty of this ad is the multitude of different stock art that was used, as many of these images were not used on any form of Mego packaging.