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Toy-Ventures: Massive Star Wars Kenner Haul!

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Toy-Ventures returns with a dream find of vintage toys. We were recently asked to look at a childhood toy collection that nobody wanted. What we found was a treasure trove of Kenner Star Wars, Fisher Price Adventure People, Mego Buck Rogers, and so much more! Watch Toy-Ventures on YouTube here

Vintage Mego: Micronauts Astro Station

Micronauts Astro Station

Vintage Mego returns to the interchangeable world of the Micronauts with this look at the Astro Station Playset. Originally a toy made for the Japanese market Mego would sell it worldwide. #mego #micronauts #microman New to the channel? Subscribe! ►https://bit.ly/3D3zxJK Get Toy-Ventures Magazine here: http://www.toyventuresmag.com Pod Stallions Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/podst… Follow PlaidStallions on Social Media:…

Mego Museum Flash Gordon Video

We’re pleased to unveil what will be the first of many documentary style shorts about Mego Toy Lines that will be added to the Museum Gallery. The first subject is the Mego Flash Gordon line, one of mego’s finest and definitely one that deserves more attention. Look for more of these shorts in the coming…