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Super Joe Unlimited is now available!

Super Joe Unlimited

Good news, everyone! Super Joe Unlimited from White Elephant Toyz is now in stock and available to order. You can order figures and accessories from White Elephant Toyz store right now. More figures and exclusives will be available soon from Cotswold Collectibles.

Introducing Combat Man plus Super Joe Updates

This week, some exciting news from White Elephant Toyz, as they’ve introduced yet another line heading our way in 2023, Combat Man. This 1/6th scale figure line harkens to 70s and 80s toy lines melding military characters with Science Fiction. The characters include Fighting Yank, Super Joe Commander, Dynamic Man, Major Gunn, Captain Zargon, Caldoz…

Super Joe Unlimited Update

Super Joe Unlimited

The good people behind Super Joe unlimited have shared some new details of their upcoming figure launch, including these gorgeous painted heads and the upcoming waves and assortments: Wave 1 Super Joe Commander (black beard)/Gor Monster Wave 2 Super Joe Adventurer (no beard)/Darkon Wave 3 Super Joe Commander AA/Krusher Monster Wave 4 Atomic Mike/glow Gor…