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Toy-Ventures: Mego Meet @Power-Con Recap!

Toy-Ventures: Mego Meet @ Power-Con Recap

Toy-Ventures covers last week’s Mego Meet, which was a show within a show at Power-Con! We talk about the latest Marvel comics news from Mego Corp, take a look at the show floor and then I share my haul, which was pretty incredible. Check out the PlaidStallions store for Toy-Ventures magazine, Tura Satana and much…

Super Joe Unlimited Surprises at Toy-Lanta this weekend!

Super Joe Unlimited at Toylanta megolike

Super Joe Unlimited plans to make a big splash at this weekend’s Toy-Lanta The folks at Super Joe Unlimited are planning for a banger of a show this weekend. Not only are they releasing an exclusive set for the show but they are also launching some fun 12″ Super Joes in new outfits. Toy-Lanta is…

Super Joe Unlimited brings back an iconic 70s toy line

Super Joe Unlimited

Super Joe Unlimited is a partnership between White Elephant Toys and Steve Stovall. June 17, 2022 — The Super Joe toy line is getting a second chance to wow Gen-X kids in this wonderful updating of the characters and concepts. This exciting new partnership brings all-new and overdue Super Joe products to the Military and…