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Tura Satana Action Figure Update!

tura Satana action figure

Tura Satana Action Figure Update! Great news from the factory floor as White Elephant Toyz shared some new images of the “Fresh from the mould” pieces for the upcoming Tura Satana action figure. The figure’s head has come out of the moulding process, looking just like the original sculpt. The figure will also come with…

Tura Satana Package Reveal plus updates

Tura Satana

The Odeon Toy and White Elephant Action figure of Tura Satana is in production, the packaging art was revealed toy featuring art by Joseph Michael Linsner (Dawn) and inspired by the classic toys of the 1970s. Also revealed was the paint master for the figure currently in production. The official Tura Satana action figure will…

Faster Action Figure! Kill! Kill!

Tura Satana

For Immediate Release:05/27/2022 toyventuresmag@gmail.com Faster Action Figure! Kill! Kill! Legendary actress Tura Satana finally gets her own action figure! LOS ANGELES, CA – “One of Tura’s wishes was for someone to create an action figure of her in full Varla mode,” says Siouxzan Perry, CEO of Tura Satana Inc. in announcing White Elephant Toyz and…