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Toy-Ventures: Massive Star Wars Kenner Haul!

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Toy-Ventures returns with a dream find of vintage toys. We were recently asked to look at a childhood toy collection that nobody wanted. What we found was a treasure trove of Kenner Star Wars, Fisher Price Adventure People, Mego Buck Rogers, and so much more! Watch Toy-Ventures on YouTube here

Mint Off Card: Dracula VS Frankenstein by Monster General Store (Mego Museum)

Dracula Vs Frankenstein

Mint Off Card looks at a new contender, Monster General Store and their release of the officially licensed 8″ figures based on the film “Dracula VS Frankenstein.” A drive-in classic from Al Adamson and Sam Sherman! Also, check out Dr. Durant’s take on these figures: https://youtu.be/zUTDs-xY_qA?si=7CK7L… #mego #megomuseum #dracula #frankenstein #independantinternational

Mego Alice Cooper Action Figure Review (Mint Off Card)

Mego Alice Cooper Review

Mego Museum Mint Off Card returns, and this time we’ve got an actual Mego Figure! This week we look at the newest action figure of rock legend Alice Cooper. Something I’ve wanted since I was 8; how does he stack up? Decide for yourself. What other rock stars do you want from Mego? Thanks to…

Mint Off Card: Lilith Vampire Bride

Mint off Card: Lilith

Mint off Card looks at an interesting new line in the 8″ figure format, the Murderous Maidens line from White Elephant Toyz. Lilith Vampire Bride is just what every Dracula or Blacula figure needs, a gothic princess that looks like she jumped straight from Hammer Horror! To order Lilith, contact White Elephant toys via email:…

Mint Off Card: 12″ Aquaman by Figures Toy Company

Time for another review! This week we take the 12″ Aquaman figure by Figures Toy Company out of the box and let you see what’s on the inside! Get this guy at: http://figurestoycompany.com/ Discuss on the Mego Forums: https://www.megomuseum.com/community Mego Mania Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/megomania/

Mint Off Card: The Egyptian Mummy by Mego Corp.

  As wave 7 week continues we pry the amazing Egyptian Mummy off his card and hope that there is no curse. Come check out this awesome figure and tell me what figure you want me to review next. Special thanks to Mego Corp for this wonderful opportunity, be sure sure to visit Mego Ambassadors…

Mint Off Card: Mego 14″ Joker Review

A new episode of “Mego Museum Mint off Card”, where we de-card a new Retro Figure and let you explore what’s inside. Our subject this week is the new 14″ Joker figure by Mego Corp. This is from the fourth wave of Target. Mint off Card is going on hiatus with this show as I’m…

Up Close: Grundy, Grodd and Black Manta

  The popular Super Friends toy line by Figures Toy Company has a new set of bad guys! This wave of Superfriends is all members of the Legion of Doom and includes some highly anticipated fan favourites  including Grodd, Solomon Grundy and Black Manta. So, as with all of our “Mego Museum Up Close” features,…

Up Close: The Old Man from NECA’s A Christmas Story

Mego Museum NECA review

  Since it’s debut in the 1980s, Bob Clarke’s wonderful “A Christmas Story” has gone from memorable cult film to absolute beloved classic. When something is beloved around the holidays these days, well, here comes the merchandise! NECA has quietly been dominating this market in the 8″ scale with their previous releases from holiday centered…

Up Close: Chainsaw Clark Griswald by NECA

We were elated last year when NECA announced the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation license, one of our favourite holiday films and last year’s Santa Clark made it into our Christmas decorations. So it’s exciting to hear that the initial figure sold well enough to spawn a second, even if it is another Clark and not…