Teen Titan Lilith Clay is the latest creation to be inserted into FTC’s production pipeline!

Are you anxious for more members of the DC Universe to be added to Figures Toy Company’s ever-expanding range of retro figures? Then much like the subject of today’s #MMFTCNEWS, you’ve read our minds! The telepathic Teen Titan Lilith Clay is the latest creation to be inserted into FTC’s production pipeline!
With many other original Titans characters like Hawk, Dove, and of course Robin already available, it was only a matter of time before FTC gave collector’s a chance to add another member to the team. Lilith was a part of many early Teen Titans adventures and remains a part of more recent Titans history. No matter what era you prefer, there’s no denying that this figure is another must have from FTC!
This year might have thrown things for a loop, but the good news is that characters like Lilith, Wildcat, Deathstroke, and Ocean Master will all be taking the retro figure form at FTC! With so much to look forward to on the way, now is the perfect time to fill any holes in your collection, and you can do that by visiting http://www.figurestoycompany.com and shopping their huge selection of figures from DC Comics, KISS, Hanna Barbera, The Three Stooges, and more! Seek out some new figures that can join your collection, and join us here next week for more #MMFTCNEWS about what else is in the works at Figures Toy Company!