The Incredible Mystery Hulk from Asia!

Mego Mystery Hulk

Mystery Mego Hulk from Asia

We love a good mystery at the MegoMuseum and our new friend Rainman reached out to us via our sister site with this handsome fellow. He writes:

“Hi I have had this strange vinyl Hulk figure for years and haven’t had any luck in identifying the manufacturer. The person I got from in the 90s said he thinks it is Japan 1970s. There are no other markings except the emblem on the feet soles, looks like typical japanese emblems. Can you help me identify this, it seems to be very rare as I still haven’t found any info all these years. Many thanks for any help!”

There is no denying this thing is based off the Mego 12″ Incredible Hulk, in fact this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a thing.

The question is Mego fans, have you ever seen this logo before?

If you can shed some light as to the country and manufacturer of origin, we’d really be in your debt. You can contact us here, or via our facebook page or shout it out to us on Twitter

Oh and here is the last time we encountered a Foreign Mego 12″ Hulk:



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