Toy-Room Spotlight: Bill McFarland

Toy Room Spotlight

A few weeks back, we mentioned in the Mego Museum Newsletter that we wanted to start a new feature showcasing people’s “personal Mego Museums,” if you will, and well, the response was fabulous.

The first person to volunteer was Bill McFarland, a long-time pillar to the MegoMuseum community, known to many as “Wee67”, Bill has been curating something genuinely unique over the years, and it was the perfect collection to launch our series.

It is an epic Mego Toy Room and a beautiful 1970s time capsule filled with other superhero merchandise such as Rack Toys, School Supplies and Presto Magix. A kid would go nuts in here.

One of Bill’s other obsessions is with “Two Guys” Department stores. His collection boasts some great memorabilia, my favourite being the original uniform; you can’t beat gold and brown, i tell you.

Thanks to Bill for sharing your sanctuary. Drop us a line if you’d like to showcase your collection at the MegoMuseum.