Mego Andorian

The Mego Andorian (Item No. 51204/3). If the Romulan figure can claim bragging rights for holding the title of Best Overall Mego Alien, then the Andorian can at least claim the prize of Most Accurate Mego Alien, just nosing out the Romulan. Based obviously on the lone Classic "Trek" appearance of an Andorian in the episode "Journey to Babel," this figure is faithfully modeled and beautifully executed. Though obviously not perfect, it's certainly several magnitudes of accuracy greater than the average fare that the seasoned Mego collector has come to expect from the toymaker.

Original Mego Artwork for the Andorian, not a happy customer The Mego Andorian is based on an imitator assasin from Journey to Babel

The head sculpt is nothing short of sublime. The face features an expression that betrays the utter contempt that this warrior race feels toward all other cultures, and their innate sense of smug superiority. A beautiful set of antennae adorn the head, necessitating the use of the deeper/taller bubble for the Mego Andorian's packaging. The Type 2 body is cast in powder-blue (a body shared with another "Trek" Alien: the Keeper).

The figure is clothed in a white/silver bodysuit (reminiscent of the chain mail fabric used for Mego's Knights) with a brown vinyl doublet--detailed in silver diamonds--protecting the torso. The outfit is accessorized with a pair of brown boots, a pair of side-specific brown gloves, and a wide black plastic belt with a diamond molded in the center.

The Mego Romulan gets all the attention, partly due to the enemy race's popularity and partly due to the quality exhibited in the figure's execution. Andorians may not be as popular as Romulans, but they sure do strike an imposing figure with their ornate outfit and canonical accuracy. Consider the following as a measure of the greatness of this figure: there is no shortage of Mego customizers in the community that have tried their hand at building a better Klingon, Gorn, Talosian, Mugato, Cheron, or even a Romulan. However, custom Andorians are rarely if ever attempted. The implied attitude is this: What's the point in trying to improve on something that was done right the first time?

Mego Andorian MOC is difficult to find, his bubble is larger than other aliens

Here we have an Andorian on a "14-back" card, which was the only way it was available. (photo courtesy Paul Moya )

2nd Series Alien


Photo and commentary by Kevin (Mirrorspock)