Mego Mr. Spock

Mr. Spock (Item No. 51200/2), science officer and second-in-command of the Starship Enterprise, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy. The head sculpt on this figure is probably not as accurate as Mego could have been, with regard to the actor's likeness, but it is still a charming visage nonetheless. The head probably bears a closer resemblance to its animated counterpart rather than its real-life model. All this aside, though, the face sculpt does an admirable job of reflecting the inquisitive and emotionless qualities of the Vulcan, while still betraying the slightest bemusement at the foibles and failings of humans.

The figure came outfitted in a blue tunic and black cuffed trousers. The tunic was detailed with a black neckband, two gold foil rank stripes on each arm, and a silver foil insignia. (This insignia is particularly problematic for loose collectors, as it consists of a stiff adhesive gray backing and a whisper-thin sheet of silver foil. This backing is almost always found on the tunic, as it is well-glued onto the fabric. However, the foil is delicate and typically curls, tears, and/or falls off after even five minutes of play time.)

A blue tricorder, black utility belt, blue phaser and blue communicator served to complete the ensemble. (Spock and McCoy are extreme examples of Mego economy run amuck, in that they are, from the neck down, COMPLETELY IDENTICAL.)

Differences of detail on Mego Spock's heads

The Mr. Spock figure went through three distinct face incarnations. The first was a Type 1 head (lighter flesh) with light-pink detailing on the lips (left). The next was a Type 1 head (lighter flesh) without lip paint (center). The third and final head was a Type 2 head (darker flesh) without lip detailing. The first is certainly the rarest, while the third is, by a sizeable margin, the most common.


Mego Spock on an early Five Face Card

The back of an early Five Face Card

Mego Spock on a "5-face" card. During this time Palitoy (UK) also produced the trek figures on these cards, the only unique difference is the addition of the word "Palitoy" in the trademark area.

Mego Spock on a Six Face card, white lettering

The back of a six Face Card

Here we have a Mr Spock on a "6-face" card with the name in white lettering.

Mego Spock on a Six Face card, blue lettering

Mego Mr Spock on a "6-face" card with the name in blue lettering.(the backer is the same)

Mego Spock on a later blank card

The back of a blank mego card, exciting eh?

The infamous "Blank-Back" 1978 Spock Sears re-release (Item No. 91221/1). Note the broken legs; "Blank-Backs," being later releases, were notorious for the inferior plastic used in their manufacture.

Mego Blank Captain Kirk had a different insignia

Of special note is the "white-edged" foil insignia on the blank figures, presumably heat-sealed (an insignia method Mego began implementing in the late 'Seventies).

Mego Blank Captain Kirk had a different insignia

Mego Mr. Spockand his Sears catalog mailer box.

Photos and Text graciously supplied by Kevin (MirrorSpock)

Lincoln International produced this Spock Knockoff for their Monster line of figures

Look Familiar? Lincoln International famous for their monster dolls produced this "Incredible simulation" of Mr Spock creatively called "Mr Rock" in the seventies for more info on these and other companies check out our Mego Esque Gallery