This is my Comic version of the 12 inch Superman, much different from the version done as a tie in to the movie. General Zod, Jor-El, and Lex Luthor courtesy Brian Heiler, below.

This is a Canadian released Superman figure, which never saw release in the United States, he is much more difficult to find than the later Movie inspired Supes. A recent find of Harbert (Italy) boxed versions has brought his price tag down though.

Removable boots, plastic embedded insignia (not a sticker) and each has one hand that points! The Movie Superman has a buff chest and different head, which was common of nearly all of the 12" releases in the US.

When I say a loose tie-in to the movie, I mean Mego released figures of characters in the movie. However, they didn't have the rights to the actual movie likenesses (sp?) so the figures are based on the comic book designs for the characters, but the head sculpts are definitely taken from the actors. Therefore, no toupee for Lex, and no cool black robes with white Superman crests on Marlon. Hmm. Anybody got a neked Jor-El? I feel like sewing. Still, it's gonna take some serious Dremel action to make Terrance Stamp into Priscilla, Queen of the Desert....

General Zod says," I've got a gun and I know how to use it...hold it like this? Okay. Rar!" Jor-El says "I'm dead! The whole point of my character is that I am dead! Why an action figure? Still, I'm Marlon Brando, so how bad could it be?"

Lex Luthor says. "See? See how fine and easy I would be at 8 inches? I'm a cinch! I even look like Gene Hackman! French Connection customs, baby! Love me!"

Movie or commonly known as Reeves Superman in a Canadian (Grand Toys) Box

Comic Headed Superman in his Pedigree (UK) Box.

Pin Pin release of the Comic Headed Superman had a movie boxPin Pin release of the Comic Headed Superman had a movie box

Stop the Presses, a new discovery! In France, Pin Pin Toys released the standard comic headed Superman in the Movie box. Not a box switch like previously thought but a legitimate variation. (Thanks to Sebastien for this wonderful pic and info)

Mego Denys Fisher Power Action Superman

Here is the 12" Movie Supes, which is more commonly found. Beside him is the UK Denys FIsher "Power" Superman whose bulky body (and rather tiny head) has a crushing action not unlike the Six Million Dollar Man

A nice detailed shot of um, well, Superman's knob.

The Mego licensed Ensueno Superman 12" doll, found only in Mexico.

Prototype Mego Superman playset for the 12 inch dolls

This Superman 12" Playset would have made for a cool addition to the line, sadly, buyers didn't order enough for Mego to produce it.

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