Mego Wonder Woman Outfits

the Mego Wonder Woman outfit Gallery

Text and Photos by Jim Emmons

Mego proposed Wonder woman outfits on many occasions but it was thought they weren't released. Below is the 1978 catalog offerings..

Until recently, these outfits were considered unreleased prototypes but new evidence below deletes that theory

Later it was discovered that Parkdale Novelty of Canada had released separate outfits, see the pics below..


Notice that Diana Prince was now marketed as a separate outfit.

Black Belt is an odd name considering the outfits obvious red belt

Mego Wonder Woman outfits are some of the hardest things to find carded

Here is a Canadian Carded Mego Wonder Woman "Lipstick" outfit, courtesy of Jim.

MOC Mego Wonder Woman Outfit

Here is a Canadian Carded Mego Wonder Woman "Grecian" outfit, courtesy of Jim.

This carded Wonder Woman outfit is the only known example

Yet another carded Wonder Woman Outfit has surfaced, courtesy of Jim the creator of this gallery. Jim mentions that this came from a collection in Canada and he can only assume that Mego produced (for Parkdale Novelty) the entire outfit lines shown in the 1977 and 1978 Toy Fair catalogs for a VERY brief period. Parkdale likely ordered the outfits that American buyers passed on, so a limited quantity was produced for the Canadian market.



These carded outfits are the only two known currently and are considered extremely rare..

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