Mego 12 inch Spiderman. His box sports illustrations of Captain America, who was made as a 12 inch figure and Mr. Fantastic, Cap eventually was made in 1979 but Mr Fantastic never got off the drawing board.

This is the first edition (Canadian release) Spidey.

The early release Spidey had a thinner body style, the later US release Spiderman had a much bulkier torso.

One variation you may see is a Spidey stamped DC Comics on the neck. This was of course an error and was corrected by slapping "Marvel" on top and recasting. The correction is quite obvious.





The 1979 European box for 12" Mego Spidey featured some dynamic artwork and still promised a 12" Mr Fantastic.



Later 12" Spidey's came on a larger muscle body and on a very attractive card, note the free web. This card came in variation without the fly away action as well. (courtesy of Brian)




Here is a rare French released Spidey, a member of "Les Plus Grande Superheroes" (courtesy of Brian)




Mego 12" Magnetic Spiderman was pitched back in 1978 but wasn't produced eventhough it was such a logical toy. There is a prototype known to exist however...






The packaging for the Mego Web Spinning Spidey is easily one of Mego's most attractive, check out the beautiful villain clip art on the back! (Brain's collection)


Captain America was finally released in 1979 on a skinny body. A buff body might have helped with the huge head he has, but he'd still be out of proportion. However, it was Mego's opportunity to correct previous failings in the costume department. He came with a shield, red glove cuffs, white mid-arms and flounced boots.

Below is a boxed Canadian (Grand Toys) Example of the 12" Hulk, Mego went all out with it's Deluxe Hulk, dig that labcoat! Check the Library for pics of the original prototype.


12" Hulk before "Fly Away Action" Mego's US released boxes tended to be white. (Brain's collection)

This prototype Mego 12" Hulk never made it out of the 1978 Catalog, take a look at the package and the Hulk used on the paste up box, it is subtly different to the one that made it to production.


The Mego licensed Ensueno Spiderman 12" doll, found only in Mexico.