Up Close: Wolverine


Wolverine is the third in a series of ReMego Marvel comics sets from Diamond Select and Marvel Comics. Our friends at Entertainment Earth were the first get him this time, so we have the scoop before the comic shops.

Before I roll out the photo review, two things I want to mention in an effort to be objective:

1) The classic Wolverine figure does not come with regular hands. This is a strange omission. Not a big problem for a Mego head or someone who bought the Captain America set (which included extra flesh hands for some reason) but something that needs to be mentioned. We photographed the figure without including hands.

2) For the photos of the other two figures, I used an EMCE swivel arm body, not included with this set that can be ordered here. Everything else was included in the set.

Like It? Get the Wolverine set for $69.95 at Entertainment Earth.


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