Batman ’66 Villains Variants

Gotham’s most vile villains haven’t had a change of heart, but they’ve gotten a change of clothes!  Figures Toy Company is bringing four of the best remembered rogues from the classic Batman TV series back for their all new VILLAINS VARIANTS wave!

Dressed in all new detailed costumes inspired by specific episodes from the beloved 1966 show, this series will consist of Mad Hatter, Egghead, Shame, and King Tut!  Each character will have episode specific attire; Egghead will be dressed in his sandwich delivery outfit from “The Ogg and I”, Shame will be clad in his prison attire from “The Great Escape”, Mad Hatter gets the Mad Sculptor treatment from “The Thirteenth Hat”, and King Tut will be clad in his bug doctor uniform from “The Spell of Tut”!  With such attention to detail, you’ll feel as if these characters jumped off the small screen and into your hands!  Each figure will be packaged in the trademark Figures Toy Company clamshell package, with episode specific card art, showing the characters in costume as they appeared on television!
These figures are dastardly, diabolical, and dressed for criminal success!  Batman Classic TV Series Villains Variants will leap off the TV screen and into stock sometime in early 2016 and be very limited!  Figures Toy Company has a lot more on the release schedule, so make sure to follow them on social media for updates on product announcements, release dates, pre-orders, and images of this series and all of their upcoming lines!  Don’t forget to use the hashtag #MMFTCNEWS on social media for exclusive news updates regarding Figures Toy Company retro figures each and every Friday!


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