The distinguished Mego Reed Richards sports a very nice grey paintjob on the side of his brilliant head. Once again, we have Marvel molded gloves, though these look like those big rubber things toxic-waste cleanup guys wear...I like the Doctor and his wife very much, and their characters seem especially suited for the less-than skin-tight Mego jumper. Y'know how Kirby's FF always had great folds and stretches in the cloth of their costumes? I think the Megos are particularily Kirby-esque.



Here we have the Mego Invisible Girl...yes, yes, I can see her too. You think you're the first one to think of that?



Her head sure is big. Helluva jawline on this girl. Probably drinks scotch with the Mego Riddler in old man bars.


I think the sculpting is especially great on the Mego Thing. Look at his face, it's actually quite remeniscent of the original Kirby, particularily around the mouth. This is one of those instances when the printed fabric really works to great effect, as this Thing has the black graphic linework that distinguishes the character. Though I like the new FF toys, this is a case where fabric costumes are superior to molded plastic (I'd hate for those poor underpaid Chinese workers to have to paint the black lines in by hand...).

On the other hand, some people say he looks like he's yawning. I quote Scott Rogers on this: "IT'S NAPPIN' TIME!"



I have learned to love the Mego Human Torch. Robert Levy hates him, and his contempt has led me to defend the hothead.

Robert's complaint is the suit. That it looks nothing like fire. Robert is right about that. The little yellow diamonds of flame and the black scorch mark lines are a weak interpretation of fire. It presents, rather, the IDEA of fire. It's conceptual. I think it is a pleasing graphic design. Perhaps a more complicated graphic would say "fire" more, but it also might line up or repeat poorly.

The suit is stretchy under the arms, there. I don't know if that's on purpose or not, but it helps with the whole engulfed in flames illusion.

The head is nice. Embosed fire, those weird little burn lines on the skin...

I think it is a charming solution to a difficult problem. Love your Torch, Robert. Carry it.

Mego Cards

Here is Mr Fantastic on his US 1975 marked Card (the left) and on his Pin Pin (France) 1979 card (the right). Mego had an overstock of inventory meant for France that was eventually dumped into the US market, most often mistaken for Canadian issue (they're not!) These shots were courtesy of Dan (Dumbldor). The 1979 US card at the bottom is tough to find in any shape.

Sue Storm on her 1975 US card, 1979 US and finally her 1979 Pin Pin card. It is very difficult to find Sue on any card other than a Pin Pin. The greatest Appeal of getting a 1975 card is that she doesn't have a grey face. Pics courtesy of Dan (Dumbldor)

Mego Thing on his 1975 US card, 1979 US and finally a 1979 Pin Pin card where he is "La Chose". Pics courtesy of Dan (Dumbldor)

Mego Human Torch on his 1975 US card and 1979 Pin Pin card where he is La Torche Humane. Pics courtesy of Dan (Dumbldor)


This Dandy Palitoy Mego UK Torch is a real toughy to find, courtesy of Raoulduke.


In Italy, Harbert just placed an Italian language sticker over the US Mego cards and boxes until they eventually produced their own line of cards. Below is a nice set of those stickers on their own, cards and stickers are courtesy of Dan.

I think "La Torcia" and "La Cosa" sound really cool.