Dorothy: Original Accessories and Known Repros
Loose Dorothy


Dorothy wears yellow bows in her hair. These bows have not been factory reproduced.


Dorothy's shoes were made in two styles. The first was smaller and narrower, rather translucent, not as detailed, and had a waxy sheen. Well call these the hard plastic version. This first style is identical to the style of shoe that came standard on Glinda, the Good Witch (in red, of course, instead of pink). The second was larger and wider, opaque, more detailed (especially in the buckle area), and had a very glossy sheen. We'll refer to these as the rubbery version. The first pair usually feel sort of brittle and thin, whereas the second pair are thicker and feel more like rubber or vinyl. Neither is particularly rarer than the other, and neither have been factory reproduced in this color.


Dorothy's one of the few Mego's to actually wear socks. A pair of simple white ones. These socks have not been factory reproduced.



Dorothy, being an innocent young girl, sports panties under that dress. She and Isis from the WGSH line apparently shop the same store for their unmentionables. While there isn't an exact factory made reproduction of these panties, Some CTVT females have something similar. They don't have the lace the Mego version does and they have a baggier "granny panties" fit to them.



Dorothy carries a basket for her little dog. This yellow basket has not been factory reproduced, but there are toy lines that have produced similar baskets of similar size, so take a good look at the pics to make sure you have the proper Mego basket.


I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto! Dorothy's little dog is included as an accessory with Mego's Dorothy. Toto has not been factory reproduced.