Glinda: Original Accessories and Known Repros
Loose Glinda


Glinda has a heart pendant sewn onto the front of her dress.


Glinda wears pink shoes that are made from the same mold as Dorothy's red shoes, although this pink version is unique to the character. These shoes have been factory reproduced by Classic TV Toys. The reproductions are a lighter pink and a firmer plastic with more flashing evident. The reproduction shoes do not hold their color well. They tend to turn to white, even closed away in storage. The reproductions are unmarked.


How do you tell a good witch from a bad witch? A bad witch has to wear a pointy hat, while a good witch get's to wear a gold crown. Our good witch Glinda has one of those gold crowns, proving she is indeed good. The crown has a pin in the inside center that secures it to the head. This crown has not been factory reproduced.


Glinda carries a wand with a star on the end. This wand has not been factory reproduced.