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New KISS Exclusives from Figures Toy Company!


The most recognizable band in Rrock n’ Roll history is back, in a series of Limited Edition sets! Figures Toy Company’s retro figures of iconic rockers KISS are now going to be released in FOURTEEN new limited run packs containing various versions of Gene, Paul, Peter, Ace, Tommy and Eric! Collectors had better act fast,…

Pre-Order the Super Friends from Figures Toy Company!


Figures Toy Company wants you to say hello to their little friends…SUPER FRIENDS, that is! The long awaited DC Comics toy line, based on the popular cartoon, is set to launch with four figures that can be pre-ordered NOW! That’s right, head over to Figures Toy Company to be one of the first to get…

New Carrying Cases (and Characters) at Figures Toy Company


Earlier this week, Figures Toy Company released seven brand new carrying cases for their World’s Greatest Heroes brand figures. Cases for the Batman, Super Friends, Super Powers, Teen Titans, and New Teen Titans sets are now available, featuring DC Comics inspired artwork showcasing many of the popular characters from the comics and cartoons. The cases…

Up Close: 18″ Removable Mask Robin


  One of the nicer surprises this year were the 18″ Superheroes by Figures Toy Company which as someone more clever than me pointed out gave us the illusion we were three feet tall again. Entertainment Earth joined in the fun by creating their own exclusive version of many a collector’s “Holy Grail”, the removable…

First Look at DST/EMCE Deadpool Set


Diamond Select Toys gave many of us a surprise when revealing the fifth in their series of ReMego Marvels produced in conjunction with EMCE toys. The “Merc with a mouth” wasn’t created when Mego roamed the earth but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a steady favorite with the customizing community over the years. Thanks…

Figures Toy Company Runs with the Flash!


He’s raced off the pages of his popular DC Comics series and into the hearts of fans new and old in his hit TV Series.  Now, everyone’s favorite superhero with super speed will get his own retro figure series!  In 2016, THE FLASHspeeds into the arms of collectors everywhere when Figures Toy Company unveils the…

1977 Parkdale Novelty Catalog


This rare and wonderful piece from Canada recently surfaced and it’s a neat look into how Mego distribution worked in the great white North. Growing up just outside of Toronto, this catalog, which is hobbled together from a variety of sources, solved more than one “why didn’t I get that” mysteries for me. For more…

The Return of 8″ Star Trek from Diamond Select


As reported in this morning’s Mego Museum Newsletter. Last week Mego Museum members noticed that Kirk and Klingon were listed in the latest Previews.  We checked-in with Zach at DST and he confirmed that this is indeed a new run of figures.  But wait – there’s more! Spock and Khan are next, and depending upon…

DC First Appearances Figures from Figures Toy Company


Figures Toy Company has taken us back to our childhood with their huge assortment of retro action figures.  Now, their DC Comics World’s Greatest Heroes brand will be taking us back to the golden age of comic books with the upcoming August 2015 release of DC FIRST APPEARANCES retro action figures! Inspired by the original…

New Batman 1966 Two Packs from Figures Toy Company


  Figures Toy Company just unveiled three new 1966 Batman action figure two pack sets, limited to 300 units and for the first time now come with bat accessories. They are available to order right now but once they’re gone, they’re gone!