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Super Friends Darkseid joins the Legion of Doom!

The menacing monarch of the planet Apokolips is making his way to Figures Toy Company! This #MMFTCNEWS headline could spell certain doom for the Super Friends, because it’s our first chance to feast our eyes on Darkseid! Just as Darkseid’s first appearance outside of the pages of DC Comics was in the Super Friends cartoon,…

Mego Power Action Superman: Vintage Mego

Denys Fisher Power Action Superman

  This week we take a look at a personal “Holy grail” of mine that i recently managed to acquire. The Power Action Superman was produced in the United Kingdom for a toy company called “Denys Fisher” but the story behind its creation is an interesting one. More on Power Action Superman: Super Strength Superman…

Vintage Mego: Bendy Monsters?

A quick one this week, these little Mystery bendy figures came into my life ten years ago and I’m still a little fuzzy. I’ll explain what I’ve discovered about them and why I don’t think they’re made by Mego. This video was created by Brain Heiler (@plaidstallions) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Our facebook…

The Slumber Party Massacre 8″ Figure from Scream Factory and NECA

“The original Slumber Party has aged well, proving to be one of the smarter slashers of its time and a highly underrated effort from the genre’s Golden Era. It’s a fun mix of comedy and carnage” – DVD Talk When Trish (Michele Michaels) decides to invite her high school basketball teammates over for a slumber…

NECA unveils Pharoah Eddie from Iron Maiden’s Iconic Powerslave Album

Celebrate Iron Maiden’s metal masterpiece with this clothed action figure of Pharaoh Eddie, inspired by the themes of “Powerslave” and the historic World Slavery Tour! The band’s legendary mascot stands 8-inches tall and is dressed in fabric bandages and pharaoh’s regalia, complete with detailed headpiece, to replicate the look of the art. Pharaoh Eddie is…

Mint Off Card: Mego Black Manta

This week we look at the elusive Mego 14″ DC Comics Black Manta action figure from Wave 6! You can order this wave of figures at Entertainment Earth: See all of Mego Wave 6 at: Follow us on Twitter: @Megomuseum Join our Facebook Group:

Vintage Mego: Marvel Shuttles

This week we talk about the strange Mego Pocket Superheroes vehicles that began appearing in Toys R Us Stores in the early 1980s. Check out the Mego Pocket Superhero Galleries here. This video was created by Brain Heiler (@plaidstallions) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Our facebook group is MegoMania:

Mint Off Card: Birdman from Figures Toy Company

  Time to de-card another modern figure, our subject this week is Birdman from Figures Toy Company, based on the popular Hanna Barbera cartoon. This video was created by Brain Heiler (@plaidstallions) Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: Our facebook group is MegoMania:

Jericho is coming to the Teen Titans!

  Figures Toy Company continues to bring the Teen Titans together, and in today’s #MMFTCNEWS you’ll see the next Titans member that they’ve turned into a retro figure!  This superhero has been at the core of some of the greatest Teen Titans stories to take place in the pages of DC Comics, and now he’ll have his own FTC action figure. …