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Mego Reveals Star Trek Andorian & Talosian

Mego Star Trek Reveals

In their latest live stream, Mego Corp. revealed some upcoming Star Trek TOS figures in the form of the Andorian and the Talosion. Both characters were released in the original Mego Star Trek Aliens line. However, Mego is not releasing copies of the originals but updating the designs to be more series accurate. This means,…

For Sale: An original Mego Head Sculpt

Very rare original mego head sculpt from the 1970s for sale!A piece of Mego history can now be yours. This original clay sculpture of Hutch from the Mego Starsky and Hutch toy line, which we reported about in 2019 is now available for sale.

First look at Mego 50th Anniversary Joker

Mego Corp has shared it’s 50th anniversary Joker packaging with us and it’s a total call back with one difference. There was an issue with the original Mego Joker logo as WB didn’t have it in their toolkit, so they found an era appropriate substitute.

Weird Bootleg Mego Vending Machine Stickers

Mego Bootleg vending machine stickers

l Recently on an episode of Toy Ventures, we looked at a book containing a child’s sticker book from the mid-1970s. Among these were an oddity known to some collectors, these strange bootleg stickers of Mego Figures from Star Trek and Planet of the Apes. These full-figure stickers are about six inches tall and, like…

8 Pages of Mego from the ’75 Wards Christmas Catalog

Mego in 75 wards catalog megomuseum

1975 was a tremendous year for Mego, and one of their best partners was the now sadly defunct Montgomery Ward chain of Department stores. Mego created many an exclusive figure for MW in the 70s, and in 1975, the wishbook featured 8 pages of Mego goodness. Let’s dig in, shall we? The Mego Wizard of…

Mego Pinnochio Update

Mego Corp shared some new photos of the upcoming Pinnochio line based on the upcoming Guillermo del Toro film. Certainly a departure for Mego but one that looks like a fantastic effort. Look for these figures this December. Photography by Jason Saville.

Mego’s Next Wave Details

Mego reveals

We’ve already seen some of the new reveals from Mego from San Diego Comic Con but this list that recently surfaced shows a few new surprises. Mego Worlds Greatest Superheroes 50th Anniversary figures: Batman Shazam Aquaman Robin Superman Scream Ghostface White Variant Ghostfaces Ghostface Skull variant The Batman 2022 Figure Animal House Bluto The Dude…

Mego Reveals at SDCC2022

San Diego- Mego Corp has shared some neat sneak peeks via a live stream in the Mego Ambassadors FaceBook group. Several new figures revealed (likely Diamond Exclusives), including Red Son Superman, Flash Point Batman and The Red Hood. The belle of the ball however would be the reveal of the first five Mego World’s Greatest…

Mego is thrilled to present Medusa in all her gruesome glory!  

Mego is thrilled to present Medusa in all her gruesome glory!  Medusa will be slithering her way into the Megoverse for the first time ever! One of the three Gorgons, Medusa was the exception in the family being born with astonishing beauty, until she incurred the wrath of Athena, because of an ill-fated love affair with Poseidon, and was transformed…