Coming Soon From Figures Toy – Silver Age Batgirl from Batman Series 5

Batgirl2 Batgirl 1
Gotham City’s beloved crime-fighting female is back, and she’s got an all new design!  Here is your first look at Figures Toy Company’s new Batgirl figure from the upcoming Batman Retro Series 5!
Inspired by Silver Age appearances, this new Batgirl figure features a brand new head sculpt created by the skilled hands of Figures Toy Company sculptor Danny “The Farrow” Anniello.  In keeping with Batgirl’s classic appearance, this figure includes an updated Bat-symbol design, new boots, utility belt, and blue cape.  The trademark Mego style “oven mitts” are gone, and Batgirl’s gloves now feature articulated, poseable hands. These updated features combined with Batgirl’s popularity make this figure a hit with any collector!
Don’t go running across the rooftops looking for her just yet!  Figures Toy Company will have more information in the near future regarding the rest of Batman Retro Series 5, as well as an in stock ETA and pre-order information!  Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the exclusive information that comes from Figures Toy Company every week by using the hashtag #MMFTCNEWS!  To check out more amazing items from DC Comics, Harry Potter, The Monkees, and more, visit Figures Toy Company and shop their huge selection of retro style action figures!