Mego of the Week: Eagle Force

Mego Eagle Force

Time to take out the magnifying glass and look at one of Mego’s last action figure lines, the Eagle Force.  The concept of having 2 inch tall diecast soldiers similiar to ones sold by Britains had Mego contract illustrator/writer Paul Kirchner (you can read our interview with Paul here)   “to come up with a cast of characters who would make up the Eagle Force and its nemesis R.I.O.T. (Roving International Organization of Tyranny), each with a defined personality and armed with a distinctive weapon”

Mego Eagle Force Production Art


Kirchner came up with a colourful band of characters that would put many toy lines to shame and while Eagle Force sold well, it was a dark time for the World’s Greatest Toy Company and they shut their doors before a second wave of characters could be produced. Fortunately for us, Paul Kirchner was gracious enough to share this information with everybody at the MegoMuseum, click these links for more information:

Original Eagle Force Production Art

Wave 2 Eagle Force Concept Art


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