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First Look! Mego Creepshow and Alice Cooper carded samples

Mego Alice Cooper and Creepshow reveals

“I want my cake!!” Nathan Grantham from the “Father’s Day” vignette in the 1982 George Romero Creepshow movie, complete with his daughter’s severed head as his cake straight from Mego’s factory. The figure is coated with textured paint to represent the dirt that Nathan brought from his own grave. Joining Nathan is the long-awaited Alice…

First look at Mego 50th Anniversary Joker

Mego Corp has shared it’s 50th anniversary Joker packaging with us and it’s a total call back with one difference. There was an issue with the original Mego Joker logo as WB didn’t have it in their toolkit, so they found an era appropriate substitute.

The Mego Museum Christmas Memories Spectacular!

Hey, I don’t know if you noticed but it’s Christmas! If there is something toy collectors know and like, it’s nostalgia. So let’s time travel back to the time when photography was not super great and photo mats were a thing. Several members of our community have shared that absolutely brilliant shots of Christmas past…

The Top 5 Underrated Mego Action Figure Lines

top five underrated Mego Action Figure Lines

Regarding the figure lines produced by Mego Corp., we all have our favourites, and it’s safe to assume that the World’s Greatest Superheroes, Planet of the Apes, Micronauts and Star Trek will always cram that top 5. But what about all the other toy lines Mego created? Indeed there are a few underappreciated entries in…

Mego Pinnochio Update

Mego Corp shared some new photos of the upcoming Pinnochio line based on the upcoming Guillermo del Toro film. Certainly a departure for Mego but one that looks like a fantastic effort. Look for these figures this December. Photography by Jason Saville.

Mego Announces Creepshow line of 8″ Figures

Megto Creep Show

In last night’s Mego Corp Livestream, it was revealed that the latest horror license is the 1982 George Romero feature “Creepshow,” and Mego showed off the first figure from the range, Nathan Grantham from the “Father’s Day” segment complete with a severed head and his cake! Toy-ventures is the only full-colour print toy collector magazine…

Mego 50th Anniversary WGSH revealed

From tonight’s Live stream in Mego Ambassadors, here are the factory samples of the Mego World’s Greatest Superheroes figures, hitting stores this fall. Green Lantern was a nice surprise, also it was mentioned that Supergirl will be joining them with a peace belt! https://ee.toys/9GBWFM

Mego Reveals at SDCC2022

San Diego- Mego Corp has shared some neat sneak peeks via a live stream in the Mego Ambassadors FaceBook group. Several new figures revealed (likely Diamond Exclusives), including Red Son Superman, Flash Point Batman and The Red Hood. The belle of the ball however would be the reveal of the first five Mego World’s Greatest…

Mego is thrilled to present Medusa in all her gruesome glory!  

Mego is thrilled to present Medusa in all her gruesome glory!  Medusa will be slithering her way into the Megoverse for the first time ever! One of the three Gorgons, Medusa was the exception in the family being born with astonishing beauty, until she incurred the wrath of Athena, because of an ill-fated love affair with Poseidon, and was transformed…