2019 Mego Meet Customs Auction

We’ve got one of the finest selections of customs we’ve ever had and we’re very happy to unveil the selection of the 2019 Mego Meet Customs Auction.

All proceeds from the auction go to fund our costs running the Mego Museum, bandwidth, hosting and software upgrades. 

We’d also like to the thank the folks at The Big Toy Auction for agreeing to do what they do best and bring real fun to it as well. 

We’re excited about the following additions and we’d like to thank the following people for their submissions:

Cyrano Jones from Star Trek-Rachel Baker

Enik from Land of the Lost- Rachel Baker


Blazing Saddles two pack- Ed Nagy


Space Force ship and astronaut- Paul Wasson AKA LaserMego


12″ Hawkeye- Brian Leitner (Box by the Toyroom)


Calibos from Clash of the Titans- Chad Gordy


Haunted Mansion Hatbox Ghost- Jim Hampton


Captain Eagle- Scott Arendsen


Green Hornet and Kato two pack- Brian Leitner (art by Anthony Durso)


Speed Force Flash- Kevin and Scott Fiore



Magnetic Spider-Man- Steve Moore (box by the Toyroom)


Brick’s Wingmen 2 pack- Brain Heiler



Original Eagle Force Proof Card- Robyn Adams














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