Mego Corp. Reveals at Mego Meet: Here is what we know

Mego Meet 15 was our biggest and best celebration of all things Mego, a perfect mix of vintage, custom and new Mego action figures completely buoyed by the presence of the newly reformed Mego Corporation.

Mego CEO Marty Abrams and President Joel Rosenzweig and Paul “Dr. Mego” Clarke, spoke in an intimate “Town Hall” style event that was a lot of fun.

We have video of the Q and A portion of this event below but the cameras were turned off for the exclusive product reveals. This is all done due to the fact that there needs to be licensor approval before things are shown publicly (all of this is also, subject to change). We can, however, describe what we all saw in Columbus that day:


Among The New Products Officially Announced At The Event:

  • Lord of the Rings Aragorn (full 8″ figure) and Legolas (head sculpt only) was shown, they looked spectacular. 
  • Rocky head sculpts shown included Ivan Drago, Apollo Creed, and a “black eye” Rocky variation.
  • New bandless bodies for male and female characters were shown. 
  • Playsets were happening for one license, it was not revealed which one.
  • 8″ DC comics superheroes are coming to four exclusive retailers, five characters were shown, all displayed in window boxes. The character selection and packaging are all subject to licensor and retailer approval at this point, so nothing is set in stone.
  • An 8″  Stan Lee head sculpt.
  • Catman and Space Ace from 8″ KISS were shown and passed around.
  • We were shown the 8″ Kannamit from “Twilight Zone”, the figures will be produced in color. 
  • A 14″ Frankenstein head was shown, it was a new sculpt.
  • A 14″ Locutus of Borg and a 14″ Gorn were shown.
  • 8″ Picard and Data sculpts were shown, Picard was a new head sculpt, not the DST version.
  • The Headless Horseman is being added to the horror line.

A tremendous amount of information can be gained via the Q&A video with updates on Planet of the Apes, the Orville, Prince and David Bowie. Please watch and enjoy.


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