An Update from Mego Corp.

The following was posted by mego president Joel Rosenzweig in the Mego Ambassadors Facebook group to Mego collectors and fans. For those not on FB, we wanted to make sure the message was easily accessible, so with permission, here it is:


How’s everyone doing?

We hope you are all well and staying healthy during these trying times.

We, here at team Mego are doing well! I hope you all read Marty’s message a couple of weeks ago. He’s looking forward to when this will all be over, and hopefully get back to meeting you and doing signings at some of the Conventions when they open up.

As a non-essential business (you may disagree that Mego’s are non-essential), we’ve had to shutter our doors and work from home. Though not ideal, we have our meetings now with Zoom and coordinate with our factories, distributors, and retailers by phone or skype. Gone are the days (for the immediate future anyway) that we can fly to China and sit in the factory for weeks, tweaking changes for licensors, and overseeing production. Now these things, and others, frustratingly take weeks instead of days

Unfortunately, like the rest of the industry, as a small business, our timelines and schedules have been dramatically affected by the pandemic. I should say that we have not been as badly affected as others, as we are only looking at approval, production, and shipping delays, where others have been hit harder and some have had to completely shut their doors. Some of our international retailers have had to delay their orders until they’re allowed to flow goods again, and I hate to say that I’ve heard many of our comic book shops and smaller retailer, as non-essential businesses have closed their doors and taken a huge burden of the pain. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of you who have small businesses in these unprecedented times and we pray that you will weather this storm.

During these crazy times, however, we at Mego have not been sitting on our hands. We have been working hard and diligently to line up new retailers and opened up some great new licensing opportunities (no, not Disney or Apes yet), but some pretty cool new properties and characters that we think you’ll love and which you’ll start to get a taste of towards the end of the year

Unfortunately, our 14” figures have suffered the most during this pandemic, as the factory that makes them was hit pretty hard and orders put on hold from international customers (who have taken the most interest in these), has delayed production. When things get back to a relatively normal state,

    we expect to get back on track with these beautiful 14” figures

In regards to wave 8, we know you have been anxiously awaiting news and we apologize for the delays which have truly been out of our control (believe me, we want to get these in your hands as much as you want to get them). I don’t want to give you a corporate response on why these were delayed, as we don’t consider ourselves a corporate structure, and we know you understand the situation since we have all been living it. Instead, I just want to say a heartfelt, “THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!”. We are expecting these to ship out of the orient at the beginning of June and hope you enjoy them. When you do get these action figures, we hope you’ll cherish them as a reminder of how the world changed in an instant, and how we all banded together to get through this worldwide pandemic.

Once again, we want to thank you for all your support and look forward to many new collections together.


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Order Mego Wave 8 at Entertainment Earth

Order Mego Wave 8 at Entertainment Earth


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