Pre-Production Mego Star Trek The Next Generation Photos

Picard and Data from Mego Corporation

Mego Corp. shared an insider look at the production process this week as they revealed some pre-production shots of Data and Picard from “Star Trek the Next Generation” right from the factory floor.

Normally such approvals have Mego Corp. President Joel Rosenzweig looking them over in person but current travel restrictions forbid that, so the process has to be done virtually.

This is the time when Mego Corp. and the licensor make final tweaks to the product before going forward. We’re not privy to what changes will be made but we have been informed that the finished product will vary from these shots in order to be more authentic to the series.

Despite the slow down from recent global events, Wave 8  is looking to ship out of China in June for a July release.

Can you imagine what the approval process must have been like in the 1970s when there was no email or video conferencing with most toy companies relying on the fax machine’s ancestor the Telex?

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Order Mego Wave 8 at Entertainment Earth

Order Mego Wave 8 at Entertainment Earth


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