Yellow Sinestro lands April 15 @ Matty Collector

The folks at Matty Collector announced a number of things for sale on their site today but the big news to fans and followers of the Museum is it marks the start of the four Matty exclusve retro action Green Lantern themed figures starting with Yellow variant Sinestro.  Read the description below: •Retro-Action® DC Super…

CastAWay unveils Jesse James

Cast A Way toys has released this great video (if you can’t see it click here to see it on You Tube) of their upcoming Jesse James figure. This slick new addition to the original Mego American West line will be available on their website in the following week. Mego Museum Cast-A-Way Toys Forum…


They retrofied the DC Comics superheroes, transported the crew of the Enterprise back from the 1970s, but today EMCE Toys unearthed several lines of toys and collectibles of nothing but zombies, zombies, ZOMBIES!Booth 4948 at the New York Toy Fair was Zombie Survival Headquarters as the EMCE team unleashed several different types of toys, in…

Phantom of the White House

Phantom advisor who lurks in the catacombs of the Whitehouse, like all the Presidential Monsters Heroes in Action plans to release this figure in a regular and monster edition. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Mego Museum Podcast 3: Jason Lenzi BifBangPow Interview Part 2

In this podcast we look forward to Toy Fair 2011 and look back at Toy Fair’s past. Then we present part 2 of our Jason Lenzi interview with all the info on the new Doctor Who action figures from BifBangPow! The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

House of Barakula

Another Presidential monster coming this year from Heroes in Action. Stay tuned all day for more ghoulish heads of state. The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

More trips to the Twilight Zone

Bif Bang Pow has shown us what new Twilight Zone figures we can look forward to in 2011, can you name all the characters? The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Bif Bang Pow Gives us a taste of what’s in store

Bif Bang Pow give us a sneak peak of Toy Fair 2011, is that Brock in Sphinx gear? Jonas and Rusty? The Doctor is surrounded by some familiar enemies for wave one, this is a great start. Discuss Bif Bang Pow at the Mego Forum The Web’s Greatest Mego Playset

Curse of the Ron-my

“You can tell alot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating Tana Leaves. “ From the sands of Egypt (or a Hollywood backlot made to look like it) rises the eternal Ron-my! Coming this year from Heroes in Action. Stay tuned all day for more ghoulish heads of state. Stay tuned for more…

Monster from the Watergate Lagoon

“I am not a fish creature!” Rising from the murky depths of the lagoon to recover his tapes is this prehistoric presidential monster! Coming this year from Heroes in Action. Stay tuned all day for more ghoulish heads of state. Wolf-Bill is just one of the new Presidential Monster reveals we have today, stay tuned…