Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Pocket Mego Mystery!

Mego Pocket Superheroes!

A neat mystery for World's Greatest Week, today we discuss the Lion Rock Superhero Shuttles with the addition of the Spider-Man Shuttle Glider to the gallery and we'll be talking about it in the Mego Forum Also we're very close to the BIG Mego announcement this week.

Mark of the Z: It’s not every day a boxed Palitoy Zorro is for sale.

Great Week: There is also a pristine mint set of Mego Aiter Egos figures up for grabs.

Snikt! This new clip of Wolverine doing a fastball special in X3 has a lot of fans not so leery of Brett Ratner.

Bite my Shiny Metal Ass! Yay! Fox may bring Futurama back to prime time. I don’t think they deserve it.

Faster, Better, Stronger. Megoheads are interested in the first ever Bionic Man Convention

The Human Bullet We wax nostalgic and are somewhat horrified over fan appreciation for Hasbro’s Bulletman doll.

Question of the Day: What do you do in a Mego Dry Spell?

And Finally: We get new members every week to the museum but it’s really something when a new member exhibits a cool Star Wars custom of this caliber
Don't forget, we have Really Big News this week!


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