Monday, September 18, 2006

The Mego Museum Accessory Check Reproduction Idenification Section is now open!

want to know if your Mego Batman has 100 percent original parts, now you can check at the Mego Museum
Since the Mego Museum, the most common questions revolve around
what accessories came with a certain figure, what a particular part
looks like, and mostly the question has been "How can I tell if
this part is original or

That is why it is such a pleasure to to unveil the Mego Museum's latest collector resource, the Mego Accessory Check.

The Accessory Check is a guide book for collectors, to help them
identify original parts and distinguish them from reproductions.

Through the use of photographs and thorough descriptions, collectors can now judge for themselves.

This new resource shall soon be available for other 8" Mego lines but today we launch the most requested chapter, the WGSH section.

Credit for this new section goes to our own Dave McCormick who under the guidance of Scott Adams, tirelessly created a great new resource that will be an invaluable reference tool for years to come.

Thanks a million guys!


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