Monday, September 25, 2006

The Mego Museum Spotlight on John and Linda McNett

2xl was one of the many items produced by Mego under the supervision of John McNett

Our own Benjamin Holcomb, author of the upcoming "World's Greatest Toys" conducted a series of interviews with John and Linda McNett, two people with a long history with Mego Corporation.

Linda was the former assistant to Neal Kublan and John the director of design, to paraphrase Ben, both John and Linda had significant involvement at Mego, and John's impact on the world of toys in general, is impressive.

During the process of this interview, Ben made an interesting Mego discovery that we will elaborate more on later in the week.

Thanks to Ben for putting together this incredible piece and of course, to the McNett family for allowing us this candid look into their lives and careers.


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