Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Breaker! Breaker! More Mego Catalog pages!

a new sears catalog page mego Cb Mchaul

Yet another addition to the department store catalog section , today we feature the 1978 Sears spread of Mego CB McHaul. CB didn't get a lot of Catalog time so this is a pretty rare glimpse.

Be sure to check out the Mego Museum CB Mchaul Section after, it's got oodles of revised content and information.

And not to be a tease but we've got fantastic Mego discoveries on the way, a real trip into Mego R&D, stay tuned......

Cool Customs

Check out this great Seven of Nine custom by K with real rooted hair. The Custom of the week is this mean looking Professor Zoom.

The Customizer of the month is John Farley, a guy we know as type3toys, John is a talented craftsman, check out his cool work.


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