Monday, November 19, 2007

Mego Museum Announces the 1978 Re: Imagine Project

Presenting 1978 Re: Imagine, the latest endeavour from the Mego

the 1978 Mego catalog you create

The Mego Museum is turning back the clock to 1978 and asking YOU to join the Research and Development department. Show us what lines you'd make. Would it be a new series of World's Greatest Superheroes or would Planet of the Apes make a comeback? A fourth wave for Star Trek or a new line from the 1978 TV season? Did Mego grab the Star Wars license just in time? What changes were in store for the Micronauts?

The goal: To create a 16 page color catalog which illustrates our
collective fantasies of what Mego might have been in 1978 and to
showcase the creative ingenuity of the Mego Community through:

•Custom action figure projects (New or previously created--We want
to showcase the best, most Mego-like customs)

•Original package design

•Concept art (illustration, graphic design, computer generated imagery)

It's all your call: Team up and collaborate. Design, create, present ideas in the 1978 Forum. Every one can be a part of 1978.

Guidelines will be posted on the Mego Museum Forum this week and the winners will be selected this February 20th (just in time for Toy Fair) by a team that will include former Mego employees. The contest will be adminstrated by Dave McCormick and Brian Heiler. Selected submissions will be photographed by World's Greatest Toys Author Benjamin Holcomb and Mego Museum artist Scott Adams and put into a Mego style product catalog, the first publication from, which will be sold Summer 2008. Proceeds to fund future Mego Museum projects.

This is your chance to create the toys we've all wanted Mego to make and get them approved by the Mego creative staff themselves!

Reimagine 1978 with the Mego Museum!

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