Friday, March 05, 2010

The Top Five Retro Action Heroes We'd Like To See

It's been entirely too long since a Mego Museum Top Five List.While the information about the 3rd wave of Mattel's Retro Action Heroes hasn't been released at the time of this writing, we at the Megomuseum cobbled together a wishlist of sorts based on characters that we felt we missing back in 1978, so without further adieau, here are our top five

Number 5- Apache Chief

Ok, granted he's one of those multi culture pals created for the Superfriends but Apache Chief was head and shoulders above Wendy and Marvin in terms of character quality. His later work on Harvey Birdman and utterly cool catchphrase put him on our want lists.

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Agree or disagree with this article? Want to make your own personal top five of Retro Heroes you want to see? Visit the MegoMuseum Forums and have your say. Just remember this list was for fun and should honestly has no real bearing on your hopefully rich, full life.

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