top 5 retro action heroes

While the information about the 3rd wave of Mattel's Retro Action Heroes hasn't been released at the time of this writing, we at the Megomuseum cobbled together a wishlist of sorts based on characters that we felt we missing back in 1978, so without further adieau, here are the top five:

Ok, granted he's one of those multi culture pals created for the Superfriends but Apache Chief was head and shoulders above Wendy and Marvin in terms of character quality. His later work on Harvey Birdman and utterly cool catchphrase put him on our want lists.

#4 Cheetah


Mego Wonder Woman never got a magic lasso or invisible jet, let alone a villain to fight and you really have to put Cheetah as her greatest foe, next to "Egg Fu" of course...

Having Cheetah means that Mattel would also be bringing on the ladies, which is good because you don't want your Legion of Doom to be a total "Franks and Beans Hour."

#3 Plastic Man

plastic man

Plastic Man was not only a guest on Superfriends but got his own Saturday Morning series in the 1970s. That makes him an A lister, at least by 1979 standards.

Some might think an 8" Plastic Man doesn't make much sense because you can't stretch him, I ask you, does your Superman doll fly?

#2 Brainiac


Retro Action Lex Luthor was a truly wonderful start as he finally corrected a 30 year wrong, however the thing that would truly wash the sour taste of Mr. Mmxyzptlk out of our mouths would Superman's number 2 foe in his pinky "short shorts" glory....

#1 The Flash

Captain Kirk

Never has an A list DC Superhero gotten the shaft more than the Flash, not only was he passed over for the original WGSH (but they let his sidekick in) but the Flash didn't even get into the Mego like Hasbro Signature series from the late 1990s. That was the line that made an Electric Superman variant, talk about insulting.

Outside of customs, there has never been an 8" Flash figure, hopefully Mattel rights this terrible toy injustice....

Agree or disagree with this article? Want to make your own personal top five of Retro Heroes you want to see? Visit the MegoMuseum Forums and have your say. Just remember this list was for fun and should honestly has no real bearing on your hopefully rich and creamy life.