Discovered! Original Mego Head Sculpts

It is truly rare to find something related to mego production after all these years, prototypes, original sculpts and proof cards are actively traded in other action figure circles but there really has not been a great deal of Mego items that have come to the surface.

That’s why it’s so exciting to discover that two original Clay sculpts survived and exist in a private collection. We’re also happy that the owner was generous enough to share them with the Mego Museum.

The first surviving head sculpt beloings to Detective Ken Hutchinson or “Hutch” from the Mego Starsky and Hutch toy line.

(See our video on this great series of toys)


These clays were the original items used to make the rotational vinyl molds that made the toys we love, what a special piece of history.



Next up we have the original clay head for the Mego Cher doll, a truly coveted piece among the fashion doll collector set.

We at the MegoMuseum want to thank the owners of these pieces for their use, it’s just so wonderful to see they survived.


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