Lion Rock Heroes of WWII

Lion Rock (LR) was the manufacturing arm of Mego Corporation that was also used as a means to distribute items in Europe. Mego retained a sales agent for all of Europe, his job was to keep in touch with toy distributors and create product for their market. There were a number of offerings made from Lion Rock ranging from military figures to sports personalities to many end run pieces such as reintroduced Mad Monsters and Western Heroes. Some, but not all, of the Lion Rock items were available in the U.S. during the lates 1970's and early 1980's. The section details the Lion Rock WW2 items from both Europe and the U.S.

This gallery is divided into several sections for ease of use. A brief description of the general lines follows.

These WW2 figures were sold under a number of different names and lines. When first presented with the idea Mego execs thought it too close to GI Joe to produce for the US markets but happily created them for Europe. These figures eventually available (at least in part) in the U.S but the Mego name was nowhere to be found. The figures themselves are exquisite. Done in the 6" scale (like the more widely known Teen Titans) each figure came with authentically styled uniforms and tons of accessories. Weapons, maps, tools, name it and these figures had it.

Over the course of the run the figures were released under such names as "Combat man" "Battle Brigade" "Gestern Wars" and "Johnny Action".Each figure represented a particular type of soldier from a particular country that participated in World War II. On most of the packaging, there was also a date and place or battle where that particular type of soldier played a role. There were 36 different figures.

Each figure came with a plethora of accessories appropriate to the period, coutry and type of serviceman. Many even came with two hats such as the pilot's helmet and regular cap. The details were incredible.

After Mego and Lion Rock folded, these figures and their molds were put to good use being used for lines such as "War Heroes" "JEST Force" "Chi tek" and "GI Combat" just to name a few, the quality isn't as good but the figures are unmistakable. The Jest Force figures even do a take off on Rambo!


Lion Rock made other types of figures, though much less is known about their other offerings. Oddities such as Steve Goal Getter and Franz Beckenbauer are others that will be explored in other areas of the museum

Thanks to the wonderful input of Bill Kaufamn, Vincent Cerbone and Chris Johnson, the Museum Lion Rock gallery has truly expanded it's offering to titanic proportions. If you have any additional information, please feel free to pass it along to Me. Pictures are gratefully accepted and will enhance the value of this section for all that view it.